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Campus Toeic - Kèm CD MP3 (Tái Bản)

Tác giả: #Jim_Lee_&__Sandy_Cho Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

Campus Toeic - Kèm CD MP3 (Tái Bản)

Campus TOEIC is designed to be used as a textbook for a TOEIC preparation course in a college or other institutional setting. This book familiarizes students with common TOEIC contexts and question types by providing key expressions, essential grammar points, and lots of exercises and practice tests. This book lays an excellent foundation for students starting preparation for the TOEIC test.

Listening Comprehension

Lesson 01

Lesson 02

Lesson 03

Lesson 04

Lesson 05

Lesson 06

Lesson 07

Lesson 08

Lesson 09

Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Reading Comprehension

Lesson 01. Nouns & Articles

Lesson 02. Adjectives & Adverbs

Lesson 03. Agreement

Lesson 04. Pronouns

Lesson 05. Comparatives & Superlatives

Lesson 06. Gerunds & Infinitives

Lesson 07. Participles

Lesson 08. The Passive Voice

Lesson 09. Tense & Aspect

Lesson 10. Types of Verbs, Modals, & Conditionals

Lesson 11. Conjunctions

Lesson 12. Relative Clauses

Actual Test

Scripts & Answers

How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT Actual Test: Reading Test Book 2 provides students with plenty of practice as they prepare for the TOEFL® iBT. This book contains a concise description of the TOEFL® iBT and the question types in the reading section as well as five new practice tests in TOEFL® iBT format.

Special Features:

Contents of the book:

Part 5&6 Actual Tests For The New TOEIC Test

Tác giả: #Jim_Lee Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

Part 5&6 Actual Tests For The New TOEIC Test

202 Useful Exercises For IELTS

Tác giả: #Garry_Adams_&__Terry_Peck Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

202 Useful Exercises For IELTS – International Edition includes references mainly to Britain and the region, and most of the voices on the tape are recognizably British.

The 5 sections are: Communication and the Arts, The Environment, Technology, Politics in Britain, and Youth and Education.

Within each section of both books, students have the opportunity to extend their ability in a variety of challenging and academically appropriate activities. This way students can acquire the skills necessary to perform well and understand what is required of them in the examination.

202 Useful Exercises for IELTS provides students with specialised reading, writing, grammar & vocabulary exercises. The book is designed to help you learn English even if you’re not preparing for an IELTS exam. Improve your English today!

The book contains: 27 listening exercises – which comprise 8 news items, 5 academic lectures and 3 dictations (all of which come with complete tape scripts); 5 reading passages – with gap fill exercises, short-answer questions, sentence completion tasks, multiple choice and True/False questions, matching tasks; and 10 writing tasks, all with model answers.

The exercises in the book are linked to the hints contained in 101 Helpful Hints for IELTS and are designed to complement the information and 4 practice tests the course book contains. Also included are punctuation, spelling, grammar and vocabulary exercises. A complete Answer Key for all exercises is provided for reference.

IELTS Target 5.0: Course Book

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IELTS Target 5.0: Course Book

IELTS Target 5.0 is aimed at students wishing to prepare for the IELTS exam while studying at pre-intermediate level. The main focus of preparation is IELTS General Training, as this is more appropriate for this level of a student. The additional bridging material is incorporated later in the course for those students wishing to continue with IELTS Academic.

The IELTS General Training section consists of three five-unit sections that take the student from a strong elementary to intermediate level. The earlier units focus on basic skills and basic language, including sentence structure and spelling. The IELTS Academic section consists of five units that prepare students for the academic content of reading passages and the more challenging writing tasks. By the end of the course, students will be working with text and language that is close to that found in the exam. Exam tips are provided throughout the course to familiarize students with the various exam tasks and to provide advice on how to obtain the highest score possible.

Each General Training unit consists of five modules:

Each Academic Unit consists of Reading and Writing Modules only.

The course also includes end-of-section review material and mock tests.

Succeed In IELTS: 9 Practice Tests

Tác giả: #Andrew_Betsis_&__Lawrence_Mamas Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

Succeed In IELTS: 9 Practice Tests helps you familiarize yourself with the format of the exam. The book gives candidates a full-colour IELTS Academic Exam Guide analysing all four sections of the exam, together with justifications of the answers.

There are also model compositions for both writing tasks for learners to analyse the structure of an essay themselves and have a basic form to follow.

With IELTS Academic Examination, it is truly necessary to hold some useful tips for all sections to complete the test as quick and precise as you can.

The Self-Study Guide includes:

IELTS On Track (Academic)

Tác giả: #Stephen_Slater_&__Donna_Millen_&__Pat_Tyrie Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

IELTS On Track (Academic)

Internationally successful IELTS Academic practice tests for self-study or classroom.

The IELTS on Track Academic is so easy to use and so easy on the eye, that it makes test practice fun……..well, almost!

It has become very popular amongst test takers internationally so it has proved its value in almost every corner of the globe.

The key thing is that this is a book of practice IELTS tests which offers a good deal more than that – especially if you need help with IELTS writing, or would like detailed guidance on how to increase your test score on all four subtests – there is a special section devoted to that important goal.

How To Master Skills For The TOEFL iBT: Speaking Intermediate is designed to be used either as a textbook for a TOEFL® iBT speaking preparation course or as a tool for individual learners who are preparing for the TOEFL® test on their own. With a total of six chapters, this book is organized to prepare you for the test by providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the test and a thorough analysis of every question type. Each chapter consists of seven units and includes numerous exercises that will help you develop your test-taking abilities. At the back of the book are two actual tests of the Speaking section of the TOEFL® iBT.

Special Features:

101 Helpful Hints For IELTS: Academic Module has been designed for students preparing for the Academic version of the IELTS exam and to assist teachers conducting courses in IELTS exam preparation.

The practice tests are written in the current IELTS exam format, and increase in difficulty as students progress through the book. The book offers much more than the four practice tests included.

101 Helpful Hints for IELTS – Academic Module includes an extensive Help Section, covering the four Sub-tests of the IELTS exam. The unique format of the book enables students to complete the first practice test and review their performance before attempting the next test. This is achieved by linking each hint to the appropriate pages of the practice test, so that students can easily identify problem areas and understand why they may have made errors.

TOEFL iBT Navigator: Writing (Kèm 1 Đĩa CD)

Tác giả: #Justin_Oh Ngày cập nhật: 17-07-2018

TOEFL iBT Navigator: Writing (Kèm 1 Đĩa CD) thông qua phưong học theo từng giai đoạn để giúp bạn nâng cao điểm số môn viết, qua đó nâng cao điểm số iBT của mình. Trước khi bước vào nội dung chính của sách, các bạn hãy ghi nhớ những điều sau:

Trước khi bắt đầu học cuốn sách này, bạn hãy thử viết một bài tiểu luận. Và sau khi đã thông thạo mọi bước trong sách, bạn hãy thử viết một bài tiểu luận khác. Khi đó, bạn sẽ thấy tự tin rằng bạn đã có đủ khả năng để đạt điểm cao trong phần thi TOEFL iBT Writing. Hy vọng rằng cuốn sách này sẽ trở thành công cụ hỗ trợ đắc lực cho bạn trong kỳ thi TOEFL iBT.

Nội dung quyển sách gồm các phần:

A -Integrated task:

B - Independent task:

Actual Test

Script & Answer key.